Is a Scam [May] Is It legit or Not?

Is a Scam [May] Is It legit or Not?

Is a Scam [May] Is It legit or Not? -> This article intends to offer you detailed information about the secure way to order a test for STDs.

If you are worried about getting tested related to any STDs and don’t know which is the safest place to go through? Then you are definitely on the right page of “Is a Scam“.

This page will provide you with information about what STD is and why it is essential to get tested on time to avoid any other sequences in the future.

There are around 4500 centers around the nation of the United State for testing. It has made the process more seamless for the patients to get tested in their nearby areas. One can even find the test labs in the vicinity by entering the pin code for their convenience.

What is

This website is one of the best ways to ensure a complete safety test with the assurance of personal information to be secured and private. This methodology is hard to find and hence in demand.

Is a Scam?

The website seems to be a reliable source for testing as it provides complete information about the testing process and the confidentiality it maintains of the customers. Through the following information, it is clear whether this Is a Scam or not.

The following are the specification of the

  • The website comes with an overall patient rating.
  • Have some of the most helpful reviews based on a total parameter, convenience, speed and service
  • It has easy steps to get yourself tested
  • The entire test process and pricing keeping the needs of the customers and the consumers
  • Comes with a contact form to get in touch with the online web store
  • Comes with ratings of the BBB verified customers
  • Safety in each checking levels and results
  • It comes with a coupon option for discounts.
  • External link to social media pages
  • One can call at 18004562323 or have a live chat for any further concerns.

The following are the pros of buying from

  • One can find the Lab using his or her Pincode
  • The testing is completely confidential
  • It is a five-minute test, and the results take around one to two days
  • There are provisions for same-day testing as well
  • There are altogether 4500 centres for testing around the nation
  • You also get the benefit of consulting the doctor for the treatment
  • The company comes with some of the most comprehensive ways of testing
  • Testing process is exceptionally swift, and there is no need for any paperwork
  • Recommendations provided to the patients
  • The information is completely private
  • The website offers in-depth information about the STDs, along with its symptoms and its types.

The below mentioned are the cons of buying from

  • The size of the font of the text could be reduced for better readability

How are the payments made on this website?

Taking about the payment option, the company offers extreme flexibility when it comes to payment via the online mode. One can perform the payments through HSA and FSA and make the payments through the debit and credit cards.

The company also accepts the payments made through the gift cards and the offline mode, such as cashier’s check or money order. The payment option also includes making payment via crypto currency, PayPal, or through the Pay Later option.

What are the refund and cancellation policy?

Individuals can request for cancellation of the order before stepping in the Lab and around a span of twenty-one days from the day they have purchased. The customer will get the refund for the cancelled order. The deduction for the return would be around twenty percent.

The customer can also get the refund if the company cancels the order. The orders not used can also be converted into credits for any purchases in the future.

Final Verdict

The company ensures to offer complete protection to its patient’s information by using specific encryption methods—the report of both the counsellors as well as the one who place the order complete care. The healthcare centers and centres for testing are informed about taking complete security and privacy with the utmost care.

The following information is pretty much efficient to help you understand that Is a Scam. The tests’ results are also taken care of to ensure the privacy of the individual’s test report and hence not delivered via SMS, voicemail, or by mail at home.

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